What is Lango?

Lango offers dynamic and engaging Spanish, French and Mandarin classes and summer camps to kids across the U.S. Our classes teach children a new language in an immersion-based setting. Our approach is through play and activities. Children in our classes learn through music, playing games, hearing stories, role playing and doing simple art activities. Every quarter the children join the Lango Kids on a new Adventure!

At Lango your child will:

  • Learn a foreign language
  • Make developmental strides
  • Gain an appreciation for other cultures
  • Make new friends in the classroom

Does it work?

Definitely! In fact, studies have consistently shown that the best time to begin learning a second language is when a child is learning his first. From birth through about age 8, a "learning window" is open that allows kids to learn a language naturally and easily. The younger the learner, the more likely he is to acquire the language with an authentic accent and to retain vocabulary and grammatical patterns over time. Children who learn a language at an early age are more likely to:

  • Develop native pronunciation
  • Express themselves creatively in both their first and second language
  • Perform strongly in school and on standardized tests
  • Understand other cultures and abstract ways of thinking
  • Become bilingual or multilingual, offering global career opportunities down the line

How much will my child learn?

Of course, the speed with which a child learns a language depends on their amount of exposure to the target language. With native and bilingual speaking teachers leading Lango classes, your child will begin to understand words, then phrases, then sentences. She will also begin to answer simple questions, speak in short phrases and then engage in simple conversation - and be on her way to becoming multilingual. We recommend attending class twice weekly for optimal language retention.

At Lango Foreign Languages for Kids we believe that every child should learn a second language!

Meet Our Lango Friends!


Cosmo is a kind and sensitive puppy who was born in small cabin in the woods close to the ocean. He is quite shy and a bit nervous but is always willing to try something new (with a little coaxing of course). Once he feels comfortable he will open up and sing, and laugh and play.


Wen (5) was born in China and comes to the international school every day. He is an explorer and not afraid of anything, (a fact that often finds him getting into a bit of trouble). He is quiet but great at solving problems and the kids often come to him when they can’t figure something out. He sometimes disappears to go exploring and the rest of the kids have to go looking for him. Kids learn through him that it’s important to be inquisitive, but equally important to be part of a group.

Ms. L (aka Teacher L)

Ms. L (30) is the teacher at the international school and lives there with cosmo. She has been all over the world and has stories, instruments, songs, maps, clothes, and food from everywhere. She is very patient and teaches through stories and letting the kids explore. She loves to garden and when she’s not teaching she loves adventure sports.


Luc (6) was born in France and comes to the international school every day. Luc is the class clown and is always making jokes and being physically very funny. He is an amazing artist and sometimes when Ms. L is telling a story he will draw the scene on the board (the other kids love when he does this). Luc also loves animals and knows everything about every different kind of animal (and if he doesn’t know it he pretends he does). Kids learn through him the importance of being honest and that’s it’s okay to not know and to ask for help. Cosmo is his best buddy.


Lucia (7) was born in Argentina and is the big sister of the group. She is a leader and looks up to Ms. L a lot. She takes care of the chores around the school (i.e. Watering the plants, feeding the fish, changing the date on the calendar) and helps the smaller kids to learn these things. She loves to read and is smart, organized and confident. She is also very agreeable in the classroom, but when you get her into a game she becomes super active and competitive. Kids learn from her about routine and commitment, but also about how competition can get in the way of fun and discovery.

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